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We have asked one of the founders from FrootVPN about his opinions to Online privacy issues and the history of this VPN service. The german version is available HERE.

The Interview took place on 14.04.2016


Hello and thank you for taking time for us.

When did you founded FrootVPN?

We founded FrootVPN in 2014 and we operates under the jurisdiction of Sweden.

FrootVPN was first time recognized with advertisement for free usage, on the ThePirateBay website in 2014. What is your connection to “ThePirateBay” website?

It was a friendly plug made by ThePirateBay as we know them from common friend

During the last years there were many public discussions about Online-Privacy. Do you think that it is enough to discuss this issue in some medias? Or what would you recommend to privacy activists?

Everyone is free to discuss many things about online privacy whether you’re a privacy activists or not but as long as you make no harm to anybody, then you are free to discuss it. It might be better if all discussions are all about keeping your privacy protected

The mainstream is explaining their audience that just criminal people will have to hide things. What is your opinion about that?

For us, it’s a no. People who are criminals that keeps on hiding things for the sake of doing their evilness is different from people who are just taking care of their Internet security and online privacy. Hiding things doesn’t necessarily mean you’re already a criminal.

Do you support criminals with your service?


VPN service are used by Spammers as well. They are sending mass of emails and your IP-adressed are getting spamblocked. What do you do to avoid these problems?

We avoid it by not allowing every mailserver to be used. But the best way to avoid it is simply to contact our support and let us know about it. We can’t act on things we don’t know anyway.

In germany there are laws which are supporting the copyright industry. That means that privacy laws are overruled, by civil copyright issues. What do you think about such a system?

If that is their policy, we can still provide services to them but it is only limited. We as a private company cannot fix any issues concerning the Government rules.

You are providing VPN-servers in US, Canada and France. The legal frame for foreigners are not saving them from getting spyed. Do you support local authorities to spy on users?

No we do not support local authorities to spy on all of our users. We provide better quality online privacy.

Do you log users behavior or activities? And if,  which data and how long?

We don’t log or store any.

What if local authorities are sending you request for users activities. For example from germany? What will be your reaction?

We are protecting the personal information and user activities that’s why we do not keep logs so if local authorities will request us about these activities, there’s nothing we can do about it.

So you are based in Sweden.

Sweden is trying to catch Mr. Wikileaks, Julien Assange who is actually at the embassy. Some people say, they are doing this just to send him to USA. What do you think about this issue?

We can’t say anything about this issue because we don’t really focus ourselves on their personal businesses.

What the advantages for an VPN service or your clients, that you are legally based in Sweden?

We do not need to face some US restrictions because we are based here in Sweden.

If Edward Snowden would have been knocking on your private door, two years ago and asking you to help him. How would you have personally react to that?

Since FrootVPN was founded two years ago, we don’t think that we have the time to help him with his business as we are doing the dry run and more focus on our clients and development of our services.

What means: “Freedom” for you?

Freedom means doing everything without people keeping an eye on your every actions and telling things that you should do.

If users are not planning to become terrorists (kidding). But if they have nothing to hide, why should they use a VPN service then?

Cybercrime is continuously increasing and anyone can be a victim. Because of this VPNs are not only becoming a need but a ‘basic’ necessity for people. VPN is for security of one’s identity online and for those who wants to access geo restricted sites/shows.

What would you say, is the main reason, why users can trust in FrootVPN?

Our strong focus is on Security and Privacy and that what makes us one of the best in the VPN market today. FrootVPN take your online security and anonymity seriously!

How are you dealing with unhappy users?

We have friendly support who loves to help whenever some users are experiencing any inconvenience and we keep on working to make our service better as the time goes by – to make it the best, to satisfies the needs of our dear users and to go beyond their expectations.

Many authorities were starting to fight against Torrent or File Sharing platforms already 10 years ago, but they are still popular and available. Maybe even more than 10 years ago ) What do you think, what will be the future of  Filesharing?

It might slowly decrease and more legal platform like netflix and spotify will takeover.

Did you get in trouble with legal restrictions in the past or actually? Did authorities trying to get access to your server logs or something similar?

Haven’t experienced it up to now.

What do you think about anonymous payments? Is this really necessary, because the ISP will know in anyway to which IP, the users are connecting. So how could anonymous payments improve the privacy??

The only thing payment system will tell you is that you may be a customer. However in some countries VPN services can be illegal and using a credit card might not be an option then. Customer might feel more safe knowing they can’t be traced by the government when they use an anonymous payment as bitcoin.

Which Online media do you personally use frequently to update your informations and gathering news?

We always post updates and other information on our website, blog and social media accounts. Follow us @FrootVPN on Twitter as well as on Facebook so that you too can stay updated.

Are you using TOR?

No I use VPN 

The german version of the Interview is available.

The full FrootVPN review report is available.



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