The best VPN providers for Android 2022: test & experience

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These VPN services offer the most sophisticated Android apps and applications and are faithful companions for users on the move on mobile networks.

Today, Android is used on many devices, e.g. smartphones, tablets, car radios, TV boxes, smart TV devices, etc. This opens up new possibilities for the use of VPN providers. Through direct installation on a TV box, content from abroad can also be used very easily and without geo-blockades. These are real facilitations and now also offer new possibilities to technically less experienced users. Therefore, an important part of our tests was also the use of a multitude of different devices with Android.

The right VPN apps for Android

Who hasn’t experienced this? You want to check out the best VPN apps for Android and find hundreds of “VPN services” in the Playstore vying for your attention. However, the topic of data security is also a very important argument and it seems that you can hardly find a provider that can offer price, functions and reliability to the same extent. We have therefore compiled the best VPN providers for Android, based on our test results and reader ratings, to give you a good overview of the best VPN apps for Android.

Don’t compare in the Android Playstore, but inform yourself with reputable comparison sites to find the best VPN apps for Android.

Reputable VPN providers that protect your privacy

However, you will ONLY find providers here that can also be used on other devices, i.e. that not only offer the best VPN apps for Android but can also be used comprehensively. It is a decisive criterion when buying a VPN that it can also be used on different platforms. Free providers do not offer this and therefore do not offer any real control over what and how your data is handled.

The best VPN apps for Android are usually not free of charge

Unfortunately, it is still the case that more than 9 out of 10 free VPN apps for Android devices have the primary aim of accessing your data. That’s why the best VPN apps for Android are not necessarily to be found with these providers … Therefore, make sure that you can also reach a VPN service outside of the Playstore/Appstore by phone, address, etc. If a provider does not have its own website and lacks proper imprint information with contact details, then you should definitely stay away from it and not install it.

Providers without an imprint and contact details are never serious. If you want to be “Anonymous & Safe”, then you should not trust “anonymous providers”!

Save money by NOT buying from the Appstore!

In our tests of the best VPN apps for Android, we have clearly seen that the VPNs you can buy directly in the Playstore usually have double or even higher prices than on the provider’s website. It therefore always makes sense to visit the provider’s website before installing a provider on your Android device and to look for special prices there. After all, the best VPN apps for Android should not necessarily lead to your bankruptcy 🙂

Don’t be seduced into higher rates and prices by the easy ordering option in the Playstore!

Using VPN for Android for free is a great danger

It is often exploited that people always look for free apps and believe that the best VPN apps for Android could also be free. This has already turned tens of thousands of users into victims, because Google Playstore does check whether the apps themselves are harmful, but not which servers or proxies the VPN app users’ data is then routed through. And so free VPN apps are published and used to have the users’ data sent via proxies. In the process, all usernames and passwords are also made available for use by other apps on the smartphone. This data usually ends up on the darknet for a penny and is sold in larger packages.

Users often wonder later why their Facebook or email accounts were hacked. Actually, they have entrusted the data themselves to a free Android app.

The best VPN services for Android



In our NordVPN review, we go into detail about all the functions of the VPN service and also provide information about the background of the company. NordVPN Test (Update 2023) - No log files, ram disk …

from 4.19 EUR
per month
6 simultaneous
Connections possible

Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN is a VPN service that was only founded in 2018 in Vilnius, Lithuania and contributes to the anonymity of users by concealing their IP addresses. We have tested the service regularly since its …

from 2.30 EUR
per month
unlimited simultaneous
Connections possible


OVPN review 2023: The fastest VPN on the market, no logging policy & support for many streaming services OVPN is a very well-known provider in the industry. With the company location (company: OVPN Integritet AB) in …

from 4.99 EUR
per month
7 simultaneous
Connections possible VPN

Hide me VPN review (2023) - Faster VPN servers & no log files The VPN provider Hide me VPN has been present on the German market for many years and we already wrote our first review …

from 3.84 EUR
per month
10 simultaneous
Connections possible

CyberGhost VPN

Cyber Ghost VPN Review (2023). Better streaming abroad, faster servers and new offers. CyberGhost VPN is a Romanian VPN provider that belongs to the KAPE Technologies company. The technical implementation is carried out by the company …

from 2.19 EUR
per month
7 simultaneous
Connections possible


As a streaming and file-sharing fan, I took a look at the Swiss service PrivadoVPN. The service is supposed to be top for torrenting - but is that true? Find out everything in the PrivadoVPN …

from 1.99 USD
per month
10 simultaneous
Connections possible


Trust.Zone VPN is a low-cost VPN provider headquartered in Seychelles. The VPN service offers VPN clients for various devices such as Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS but also some Linux distributions. In addition, you can …

from 1.85 USD
per month
5 simultaneous
Connections possible