Email Leak Test – What you reveal when you send an email!

We have designed a test with which you can check what information the recipient of the e-mail or other places on the Internet recognises about the sender. Among other things, it can see which IP address the sender has used.

In the following, you will receive a dynamically generated e-mail address to which you can send a message from your e-mail account. We automatically check for leaked data of this email like the sender’s IP address. If further data is found, we will add it as well. Your message is automatically deleted after a few seconds, so no traces of your use of this email leak test remain on our servers.

Instructions Email Leak Test:

  1. Start the EMail Leak Test
  2. You will get a “temporary” EMail destination address displayed.
  3. Do not close the current window during the next steps!
  4. Open your email client and send an email to the displayed address (subject and content are irrelevant).
  5. After a few moments, the test will show you the result.

Email Leak Test

Starte EMail Test

The entire “VPN Leak Test” is also available on our site here.


This test is designed to analyse and show the data that can be retrieved from an email about the sender. The temporary email address that is displayed and used in the test only exists for 10 minutes and is then automatically deleted again, as are the emails and data received. This data can therefore not be used to provide information by the GDPR.