Torrent leak test

Do you want to know if you are well protected with Torrent? We have developed our own test to help you find out.

Torrent leak test guide

  1. Start the test
  2. Do not close the window during the next steps!
  3. Afterwards, you can download a torrent
  4. Import it into your torrent client and start the download of the file
  5. A short time later the test will show you the result in the same window.

Note: The test collects the data only temporarily from the client that loads the file. After about an hour, they are no longer available, as they have been automatically deleted.

Starte Torrent Test

Torrent Leaks? What do you reveal when you download?

The Torrent Leak test shows you what IP address and other data others can see about you while you are using Torrent.

Other available leak tests:


Der gesamte “VPN Leak Test” ist auch auf unserer Seite hier verfügbar.


This test is designed to make visible the data that a user downloads when downloading files via torrent. This data, like the dynamically generated “torrent”, is automatically deleted from our servers no later than 10 minutes after the test has been performed. We do not log the queries or the data of the users.