FREEVPN – free VPN service from VPNTESTER

FREE VPN is a free service from VPNTESTER

We offer our readers a free and unlimited VPN client for our FREE VPN service. The offer is aimed at all those who want to use a VPN to be able to use the internet as anonymously as possible and who do not want to purchase a VPN service directly. The offer is completely free and unlimited. Currently, our VPN service already supports more than 5 different countries and there will be further updates and extensions in the future.

  • No advertising
  • No data storage
  • Absolutely free & secure

Compatible with all devices

FREEVPN für alle GeräteFreeVPN can be used on all devices. Just use our @vpntester_bot in the browser of the device you want to install FREEVPN on.  Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, Apple iOS

Locations for FREEVPN to choose from:

  • Italy, Milan
  • USA, New York
  • Germany, Frankfurt
  • Netherlands, Amsterdam
  • Russia, Moscow
  • Russia, St. Petersburg
  • Ukraine, Kiev
  • Great Britain, London

Set up FREE VPN access for free!

  1. You need Telegram Account.
    (If you do not have an account, you can create it: Telegram)
  2. Subscribe to our VPNTESTER channel:: Telegram Kanal
  3. Open our VPNTESTER BOTTelegram Bot
  4. Start the process
  5. Choose “free_vpn” by simply clicking on it.
  6. Follow the Invitation Link
    1. Install the “Outline Software” on your device
    2. The access key is copied directly into the application (automatically)
  7. Connect to the VPN server

User account information:

  • No user account.
  • No passwords.
  • No data is stored about you.

The simple Outline VPN application/app for any device

With the Outline VPN app, you will be able to use FREE VPN on all devices. The application is secure and very easy to use. 

FREEVPN Outline Client

FREEVPN not connected

FREEVPN Outline Client - verbunden

FREEVPN connected

Important to note

If we have to change something for technical reasons, we will also inform you via the “Telegram” account. Therefore, you must continue to add the Telegram channel as well as our Telegram bot, otherwise, we will not be able to inform you about technical changes.

“Faster connections without limits”?

Premium VPN Service
Premium VPN Service

Our free FREE VPN offer is naturally limited in some ways. Thousands of users use our servers in parallel every day.
We had to block the sending of e-mails via our servers in order not to end up on spam lists. We also had to at least limit the use of torrents because of copyright issues. In some locations, the costs for running a server are much higher and therefore we can’t offer them free of charge everywhere! And of course, if thousands of people share servers at the same time, the speed cannot be guaranteed!

However, we also offer access to premium VPN servers at our cost price of 2 euros per month without any commitment. 

Our premium VPN servers at a cost price

  • No limits (send email, streaming, torrent)
  • Guaranteed higher speed!
  • Contact our technician service for questions & help

Unfortunately, we cannot offer this service completely free of charge. In this case, we provide our own VPN servers for this purpose, which have increased reliability. Many other server locations are available for this.

  • Up to 2 connections are possible in parallel (e.g. a PC and a mobile device).

The procedure for this is as follows

  1. You can order an account here:
    Premium Germany Premium Italy Premium Russia Premium the USA
  2. You will receive your access data after a few hours.

Important note: You can contact us via our page Change, pause or cancel your subscription at any time. There is no commitment!

Various FREE VPN locations to choose from

If our servers are used to more than 50% capacity, they are continuously expanded. In this way, we guarantee maximum performance for each user. To achieve the best result, we always recommend using the geographically closest VPN server.

FREEVPN server in the Netherlands
FREEVPN server in the Netherlands
FREEVPN server in the USA
FREEVPN server in the USA
FREEVPN server in the Great Britain
FREEVPN server in the Great Britain
FREEVPN server in Russia
FREEVPN server in Russia

Free VPN Services

We have also tested and compiled other free VPN services for you. An overview of all free VPNs.

Telegram blocks ineffective

FREEVPN is primarily intended to preserve “user freedom on the internet”. Therefore, we are concerned about the discussions about possible “Telegram blocks” in Germany and Europe.

Therefore, together with Telegram, we have created “mutual TLS peerings”, which means “secure direct connections”.  This makes it possible that our FREEVPN servers are accessible even if all Telegram servers are blocked by government measures.

FREEVPN users can therefore be sure that the messaging service “Telegram” will continue to be accessible despite state or local blocks. 100%. Secure. Free of charge.

VPN provider without customers!

However, we are not a VPN provider in the conventional sense, even if the name FREE VPN suggests this. We offer this VPN service without expecting anything in return from our users, and we do not aim for monetisation, which means that we do not place any advertisements, do not sell the users’ data, and do not even store any user data. To use the free VPN service, all you need is a Telegram account. 

There is no data limit!

What many other FREE VPNs concealed, that is not imaginable to us. We have no “data limit”, no speed limits or any other restrictions on the use of our servers. We simply do not even know who is using them. Our VPN service is no different from a VPN Premium service in this respect.

No obligation to store data

As a non-commercial VPN provider, we are also not obliged to store data or know our users.  The purpose of “free VPN” is usually always associated with data collection, we would like to break this circumstance for our readers.  Nevertheless, our FREE VPN can also replace a paid VPN service. 

Free FREEVPN services are usually not able to protect the users from being spied on. Therefore, please note that the operators of these services will save log files to avoid further costs and will usually answer requests from authorities quickly and easily.  Therefore, there is hardly a free option like our FREE VPN service to stay safe and anonymous at the same time.

Beware of rip-off VPN services!

We would like to take this opportunity to warn against using other “free VPN services” or apps. The operation of a VPN service costs a lot of money, relatively speaking, and it is an illusion that this can only be earned through advertising. This means, and has also been confirmed in numerous studies, that most FREE VPN apps turn the users’ data into money themselves.

Therefore, do not trust any “free” VPN services. Unlike others, we disclose our motives and as a non-profit organisation, we have no financial or other interest in your data.

Frequently asked questions about FREEVPN by VPNTESTER

Why is the service free of charge?

We also see it as our task to bring “VPN” and the use of these technical possibilities to a wide range of readers. Neither financial nor contractual ties should prevent this.

Before users use “free VPNs” that consider the users’ data as property and spy on them, we would like to offer these users a free alternative that does not require data collection.

The cost of the VPN service and operation is borne by our sponsors, who do not influence the service delivery. So the service we offer has no ulterior motives and we respect the privacy of every user.

Are FREE VPN accesses deleted?

We do not intend to delete accounts, so our readers will always be able to use the service free of charge. However, to minimise data waste on our servers, we may remove users who do not use the service for more than 30 days. Inactive users. They will receive Telegram notifications before their account is deactivated.

Can user data be mined?

We exclude the possibility of transmitting user data to authorities or other organisations, as we do not keep any log files or records.

What is available for anonymised server users is only the monthly data volume that a user transmits. We record this for a maximum of 30 days to prevent excessive use or misuse of our service.

We could also publish this small amount of recorded data, as it does not contain any characteristics about the users themselves and therefore does not contain any conclusions about their identity.

How do you earn money with it?

We do not earn money by operating the VPN servers and making them available to our readers.

We do not plan to do so and categorically exclude it.
Neither directly nor through any detours.

We do not place any advertisements, do not analyse the data of the users and do not have any other financial interests in providing this service.

Can the FREEVPN service also be used with routers?

No, unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment. You can currently only use the following operating systems to use “Outline Clients” on it:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Apple iOS
  • Android
  • Linux
  • ChromeOS
"Outline belongs to Google, why do you trust them?

The Outline clients we use here are open source and very easy to use. The Outline project to create these applications is also funded by Google. This also guarantees that there will be regular further development, which is why we have decided to use these applications.

The software itself does not share any data with Google or other parties. We have also absolutely prevented the transmission of anonymised data to third parties on our servers. Therefore, we see no disadvantage in using the applications of an open source software financed by Google.

How secure is this VPN service?

We use Shadowsocks servers, which means they are routed proxy connections that transfer data in an encrypted way similar to a network connection. This solution we use (developer Jigsaw) was checked in an audit and found to be secure (Radically Open Security Audit).

Like any software, of course, we must always react immediately to new security concerns.  Google supports this project financially and thus ensures continuity and continuous development. (Google, of course, has no access to OUR VPN servers or the users’ data), but it is important that the software used is not only developed further by us but also by appropriately paid and committed experts.

No vulnerabilities have been found so far and the clients, servers and solutions used are considered “SAFE”.

Can FREEVPN also be used on routers?

Yes, as the service is based on the Shadowsocks VPN protocol, it can also be used on VPN routers that have the Shadowsocks Clent function. E.g. Gl-iNet router. We have described this process on our page.

Can you also stream with it?

Yes, with FREEVPN you can also use streaming services, but we have not taken any measures for the premium streaming services, these usually work, but we cannot guarantee that you can, for example, permanently access Netflix with it. Streaming services usually try to block VPN services, but our users constantly report very good results for circumventing geographical blocks with FREE VPN.

Doed the service your data on to third parties?

Is the service free of charge? No, FREEVPN costs the US a relatively large amount of money and effort.

We operate various servers for this, which add up to several hundred euros per month in rental costs and connection costs. We consider this investment as an investment in security for our readers.  We promise absolutely no obligations to make payments or to sell the users’ data.

However, this is usually not the case. With free products, you should always remember that selling your data such as usernames/passwords to all your online accounts is quite a lucrative business on the internet. As you can read in many of our articles, personal data has already been stolen from millions of German internet users through supposedly free apps or software. That’s why it’s important to use a service you can trust!

We think you can trust us! However, you should get an idea of our service yourself before you install and use the service in good faith, as is often the case. Because the risk to your data and your privacy is generally always enormous with free VPN services!

Why is FREEVPN so fast?

FREEVPN uses the “Shadowsocks VPN protocol”.

Here, an encrypted tunnel to the VPN server is established with 2048-bit and this is considered “highly secure”. The Shadowsocks connections cannot usually be blocked by firewalls or state barriers and can therefore also be used in China, Turkey, etc. The data is transmitted with almost no loss of speed. In addition, the data is transferred with almost no loss of speed. However, it should be noted that the data will of course find its way to the destination via the VPN server and therefore longer distances will probably result in a small reduction of the transmission speed.

No data is stored

We delete all logs and cached files on the server daily. This means that the server is not accessible for a few minutes once a day. However, this is also for our protection, as it means that we do not have any data at our disposal, either theoretically or practically, and can then also truthfully reject any requests for information.  We, therefore, avoid having information that we do not have to keep track of for legal reasons. Requests to delete data are therefore pointless, as we no longer have any data stored after 24 hours at the latest and would not be able to restore it.

Is Telegram accessible with FREEVPN?

Yes, we ourselves are very concerned about the discussions to block the messaging service “Telegram”. FREEVPN is primarily used to “guarantee freedom on the internet” Therefore, we have set up direct encrypted connections with Telegram servers on all our servers and can therefore guarantee that Telegram remains accessible through it in any case when using the service. 100% secure and free of charge.


We do not store any data. Free VPN usually means that the VPN providers want to make money in other ways. VPN services cost money and therefore the VPN services try to recoup these costs through purchase offers or advertising or the sale of users’ personal data. We do not do this at all because we want to offer this VPN service to users who do not have the opportunity to order a premium service. 

Supporting streaming services on the internet is not our main goal, even though you will certainly not have any problems streaming. Our VPN service is primarily intended to guarantee access to the free Internet (China, Turkey, Dubai etc) and then, in addition, to offer protection against data storage, data manipulation or other dangers to which Internet users are exposed today. 

Test VPN providers with a money-back guarantee

If someone wants to use or test a VPN app or free VPN, then we generally recommend using the money-back guarantee with a premium service. Anyone who has dealt with the data protection of most free VPN services, as we have, will know why you are certainly better served with this.

Free VPN as a source of danger

Many of the free VPNs also target the data of the users and their activities, which can be sold to advertising companies, such as user names, passwords to email accounts or also usage behaviour on the Darknet or officially. This means that the user of a free VPN quickly becomes the product being traded. 

Easy to use – everything is very simple VPN service

We decided to use the VPN client software to connect to our VPN servers. The outline VPN clients developed by Jigsaw are OpenSource (GitHub project) and therefore comprehensible for everyone. In addition, Jigsaw has financial resources and a large community that are constantly developing the client used. This ensures that the apps and software used to use our FREE VPN are always up to date and meet the highest security standards. 

The Outline clients we use can also be found in the App Store on Google and Apple iOS. There are versions for Linux, Windows, and also macOS. The software is therefore constantly checked by various bodies and is considered to be secure. 

Trust in a VPN provider

We know that it takes trust to use a VPN service. Trust that the operator of the VPN service has absolute integrity. Because a VPN provider, like any internet provider, can potentially view, store or even manipulate user data, all without the user noticing. Therefore, the VPN service must be transparent and also trustworthy. We, therefore, vouch for this with our name, and we are personally and directly accessible to our users.

There have been many negative examples of breaches of trust in the past, as the story of the originally free VPN service “Hotspot Shield” showed. At the time, many users did not realise that the Hotspot Shield service was founded by CIA and NSA employees, spread rapidly and was part of the US-led espionage and hacker network. So sometimes, unfortunately, it turns out that something that looks good at first glance doesn’t deliver what it promises. 

Tools for safe internet users VPNTESTER
Tools for safe internet users VPNTESTER

VPNTESTER Tools & Services

We provide you with various services with which you can check the security of your VPN connection or other relevant things. Our services also help you to find a VPN provider that fits your requirements. Use them to get a better orientation.

Are you not quite sure anymore?

Then here you will find some more “Free VPN” offers. However, always bear in mind that some of them may also be dubious! Even we cannot always ensure or check this with the providers we have tested.