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Help & Advice. We want to be in direct contact with our readers

We have been in direct contact with our readers every day. By doing this, we also find out what our readers think of various published test reports and whether they can understand them themselves. Using direct contact, we also always have the latest information from the market and a corresponding overview of what is relevant for VPN users.

Nothing is more valuable than a contact person

“My colleagues and I make every effort to be available to you personally and always in an appropriate manner. A direct conversation is always the easiest way to resolve any unclear issues. There are also no questions that are too easy, and we do our best to answer extensive and also comprehensively.” – Markus Hanf

Our team consists of testers, authors, developers, technicians and, of course, additionally “fun and conviction“, for our common task!

Our service is and remains free of charge and without obligation! We do not accept donations or payment.

VPN Fragen & Antworten (Hilfe)Questions & Answers

In our help forum, you will find a whole range of answers and can ask your questions about VPNs.

Why are we available for our readers?

We are convinced that everyone has the right to protect themselves and their privacy. However, as the topics on the internet can seem very complex, we think that direct communication is a quick and efficient way to share our expertise.

VPNTESTER Team is available for you!
VPNTESTER Team is available for you!

In the picture from the left: Dmitrii, Igor, Kirill, Sam, Martin, Alexandra, Tatiana. (Our team is not complete in the picture).

You can find more details about us and personal contact ways for every single team member at VPNTESTER on our “About us” page.

Contact us directly & immediately


Contact on Live Chat (direct)

More than 15000 readers have already reached me directly via chat. This communication channel directly integrated on the page enables quick advice & help without leaving the page!


Contact on Telegram

I also have my own Telegram account. You can reach me directly via @vpntester_chat and also talk to me directly.

  • Response time for everyone:
    Monday to Friday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Response time for our supporters:
    Monday to Sunday 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.


Contact on Whatsapp

We have restricted contact via Whatsapp for data protection reasons. In the meantime, however, we have stopped this altogether, because the “Meta Group” has recently announced that it would no longer actively intervene against violence against Russian citizens. This means that hate attacks and even planning to kill Russian people are no longer regulated or forbidden! We consider an irresponsible policy of this company, which allows people to spread hatred and incite the killing of people of a different origin, to be fundamentally wrong! We have therefore stopped all our activities on all “meta platforms”.

Telefonkontakt VPN TESTER

Availability by telephone

Many things can be clarified better by telephone. However, we ask you to make an appointment with us in advance so that we have time reserved for the conversation (Terminvereinbarung)

  • Note for everyone: calls or prior appointments will end up in our call centre and there is no guarantee and even little hope that someone from the VPNTESTER team will be able to answer them! The VPNTESTER project is not a commercial one and therefore our accessibility by phone is severely limited.
  • Our supporters will be given a different phone number and can reach us by phone Monday to Sunday, daily from 8 a.m. to 20 p.m. 


Contact by e-mail (direct)

We normally respond to emails within 24h, but usually much sooner.

  • Response times for everyone:
    Monday to Friday 8 a.m. – 12 a.m.
  • Response times for our supporters:
    Monday to Sunday 8 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Quick answers on our page

If you can’t reach us or would prefer to look for a solution yourself, we have of course presented the best VPN Services. You can also find many guides on our pages for a specific purpose such as Streaming or VPN with routers. Therefore, we recommend that you use the possibilities that we offer you on our site, including hundreds of “how-to instructions” that we have already published on our website. 


Remote maintenance & direct help

  1. Some things can be solved most easily if we set up or analyse them together with you. We also offer REMOTE help for this purpose. To do this, please follow the steps below. If you want us to help you remotely with the setup or with problems, you need to install software that allows us to access the system. (Anydesk Software)
  2. In addition, you must make an appointment with us in advance so that we have enough time for this. Make an appointment here.

Please note:  Our supporters have priority!

As a non-profit project, we are not able to answer all requests equally. We have to make sure that we use the available resources as efficiently as possible, but we guarantee that we will also help each of our readers.

  1. For general enquiries and also for enquiries from “supporters” of our project, we offer direct and personal contact.
  2. For all other individual enquiries, we can currently only provide help via email or website.
    Since every reader can decide for himself if he wants to support our project by spending a small amount of time, we consider this approach fair that we will help those who do not want to support us also with lower priority. (Answers will not be given directly, but our answers can take up to 48 hours, so please be as detailed as possible in your questions to avoid queries).


We provide this service free of charge and voluntarily!

We do not receive any compensation, commissions or other benefits from this service. However,  we only offer this voluntary service to people who are looking for justified help or need advice. Therefore, we are also free to refuse assistance at any time or not to respond to questions without substance. In addition, we provide assistance, but reject any claims, including claims for damages; everyone acts at his or her own risk when following our advice. This is also since we never have all the information available in a chat, for example, and that this can result in inaccuracies in conclusions.

Commercial assistance/or business support:

Please note that we also have to charge a flat fee for companies for reasons of commercial law and liability.  This service is provided by our partner company “Fancy Nerds GmbH”, based in Austria. (Commercial assistance for companies can also be found in the appointment options) The flat-rate cost is currently 300.00 Euro/net for online assistance of up to 3 hours. (The flat rate is an exclusive special rate that only applies to readers of our site. The usual rate is €245.00 per hour excluding 20% VAT) There are no further discounts and each additional hour started will be charged at the hourly rate of €245.00/net.

For home users and private individuals, however, this service is, as always, completely free of charge and voluntary.